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If you are unable to talk to me in person, I prefer e-mail over all other forms of communication. Unless I am exceedingly busy, I will reply swiftly.

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Contrary to a popular misconception about people in academia, most (and myself in particular) do not mind you, yes you, fellow researcher, student, and/or human, dropping a few lines asking for verification. If I can in any way clarify or if you feel that you can correct (and thus help) me in any way, taking the time to write me is very much appreciated.

If you want to have a secure channel of communication, please send your message as an e-mail attachment encrypted using my public Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) key. Also, make sure that you attach your own public key along with your message so that we can save a round-trip.

University College London

I have a desk in the OnEustonSquare building at the University College London Bloomington Campus, the address can be found below.

    UCL/BBC London Media Technology Campus
    5th Floor
    40 Melton Street
    London NW1 2FD
    United Kingdom